The windshield sticker is almost gone

the sticker that covers the windshield mounts has almost gone

It’s taken about three years, but I think this trip may be it’s last.

I didn’t really think it would last this long, but I’ve really started noticing the waving flag of what will soon be my ex-windshield-mount-covering-sticker. I’m sure that’s not what is called at the factory.

I’ve tried everything from double stick tape to gorilla glue but it’s determined leave me with a lopsided looking windshield on my Nighthawk.

It’s not really that big of a deal, but I’ll have to start thinking what I want to do with it. I like the idea of incorporating reflective tape on the windshield mounts, but I’m always open to other ideas.

I’m thinking black reflective posting around the edges and replacing both mount sides with black reflective pieces.

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