What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About A Honda Rebel

Valve Cover Off of the Honda Rebel

Wikipedia, in my opinion, is probably the most popular website after Google. It aims to be a bias-free hub of information, and I think, for the most part, it’s successful. Wikipedia’s Honda Rebel page can tell you the tire sizes (3.0-18 and 130/90-15), frame type, that it’s chain drive, and that it was targeted toward a young audience. As it turns out, there’s deep-dark secrets involving the Honda Rebel that an internet encyclopedia can’t divulge!

Maximum Speed

Poor Wikipedia, telling everyone that the maximum speed is 70mph. I get that the tests indicated that when the bikes were made, and with the stock gearing, but a lot of us get a great deal more speed out of our Rebels! I’ve posted about the top speed of the Rebel before, but there’s other people making videos about the Rebel’s speeds, too. This guy, in his video comments, claims 85mph, which I’ve hit before, but he’s running with the 14/27T sprocket combination. There’s other videos out there, and I already posted one, so the Honda Rebel, especially with a different rear sprocket, can go faster than 70mph.

Real Gas Mileage Stats

Since the Wikipedia page relies on the EPA estimates for gas mileage ratings, it doesn’t get what the real world gets. A poll on the Honda Rebel forum shows that most people get between 65 and 80 mpg on their bikes. Fuelly’s averages show that more bikes get 68mpg than any other amount.

Differences between the different years

The old style (1985-87) versus the new style (96 and newer) Rebels share most of the same parts, with the major differences being the side covers, the side the front brake is on, and the valve cover (the new one has ugly fins). Those aren’t the only differences though. On the forum, Mojorisn and Buickguy do a thorough breakdown of what won’t fit between the generations.

Problems within the Clymer’s manual, for when you’re working on it

Extracting broken Cylinder Head Stud on Honda Rebel

When working on the bike, I like to continually check my torque values, since I’ve heard that “pop” sound more than once, with the sinking feeling that accompanies it. The torque values were wrong for the cylinder head bolts and nuts, which led me to breaking one. There’s other problems that pop up here and there, the most “ignorable” one is that it says to change the oil every 600 miles!


Lastly, Wikipedia can’t tell you how much you’ll love the Honda Rebel!

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