I want to take a Police Motorcycle Course and this is why

They’re expensive, I know. The police motorcycle training courses cost hundreds of dollars, but I think it would be very worth it. Regardless of how someone feels about police, nobody can deny the kind of skills that police motorcycle riders have.

Quinn Redeker Motorcycle Police Rider

Rider Magazine recently did a profile of Quinn Redeker, a police motorcycle rider in Southern California. Here’s one of the videos.

The best part is that the article says he started on a Honda Nighthawk. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he started on the 250cc instead of what I’m on, the 750cc, because a 15 year old would have a harder time riding the 750cc as a first bike than a 250cc (which is commonly used in the motorcycle riding courses through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation).

Ride Like a Pro Indiana is my most likely place to get training. It’s $156 there, you can check it out if you want. Some of the other classes I’ve found are upwards of $700. (site is not mobile responsive, so view on a desktop)

Images and video are from the Rider Magazine article. I didn’t take any of these pics or video.

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