How to use the Harbor Freight Motorcycle Swingarm Rear Stand

I decided to make a quick video showing how to use the Harbor Freight rear wheel stand on the motorcycle.

How to lift your motorcycle with one person using the motorcycle swingarm rear wheel stand from Harbor Freight.

Getting the stand’s feet in position is one of the harder parts, and maintaining balance on the bike while you lift it is the next hardest part. So far it hasn’t *failed* yet, but the rubber foot covers come off really easy (but it’s Harbor Freight, so, that’s what you pay for).

It’s useful for removing the rear wheel, doing chain maintenance, and performing oil changes on your motorcycle.

This video shows me lifting it not just once but twice, because the first time I had the stand’s foot overtop of the rear axle and I had to remove the rear wheel so that wouldn’t have been helpful. So I guess you get to see how some of the mistakes happen, too.

It’s really easy to lose balance of your motorcycle while you’re learning to use the motorcycle swingarm stand so when you’re first trying it out, have a friend put their hand on the other side of the bike, just to catch it in case.

Keep the front wheel straight while using the swingarm stand.

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