The Pros and Cons of a Honda Rebel – an owner’s semi-biased review

Okay, I’m not claiming that I’m not going to be biased toward this bike. It’s been my sole transportation for two and a half years, and I really love it. I can definitely tell what I like the most about it and what I don’t, though. Bear in mind, many of the issues I’ve had with my bike are previous-owner related.


  • It gets great gas mileage.
  • It’s relatively reliable (despite the problems I’ve had with it).
  • It’s inexpensive to fix, and parts from eBay tend to be cheap.
  • It goes fast enough for the highway.
  • It’s fun. The bike is nimble, can easily handle the road test, and it’s fun for beginners.
  • It’s lightweight. When you drop it, or it just “falls over,” you won’t have a difficult time picking it back up.
  • Insurance is cheap! (if you don’t believe me, try getting a quote for any midsize or larger sport bike)


  • While it’s fast enough to go the speed limit and ¬†over (depending on how much it’s hauling, and your gearing), you still can’t keep up with the jerks who fly by on the right.
  • The built-for-it aftermarket parts are lacking. There’s a few luggage racks, and a couple crash bar/highway peg options, but compared to what’s available, for example, the Honda Shadow, there’s nothing.
  • Doesn’t mean we don’t do things though!


In a parking lot on my honda rebel
Pretty sure I look happy on my Honda Rebel!

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