The Nighthawk Has a New Tire on and is Ready to Roll!

This job took me much MUCH longer than it should have, but I got a new rear tire on, and it’s been going great.

Notes for next time: rim protectors were invented for a reason!!

After quite a struggle the 1991 Honda Nighthawk rear wheel is removedI ordered my new wheel off of (many props to their new adaptive website, I know I railed on about it being bad in December!) using the mobile version of their website. It’s an Avon RoadRider, and while I don’t have much experience with those, so far I’m happy.

The tire came in just as we had a string of rainstorms, so the removal and install went slow.

I’m very happy that I used the two smaller handled tire irons with the 24″ large tire iron that I got from Harbor Freight. It was the tool trifecta, for sure.

I got the rear wheel off with the help of those tools, a couple YouTube videos (which just kind of affirmed that I was doing it correctly) and patience. One day I’ll have a fully equipped garage to work with! One day!

Getting it on was one of the harder tasks. I ended up using the ratchet strap technique for setting the bead, which helped immensely. A large problem that I was having was with the air compressor – the equipment I was using was not right for the application so I went to AutoZone and purchased a new fitting for the end (which broke when I first used it). Eventually it worked, of course.


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