The Front Wheel Bearing Was Fixed

I just never posted about it — been too busy riding! I ended up getting those stuck bearings taken care of on the Honda Nighthawk, and just haven’t posted about it (till now).

After heating the hub (instead of the wheel) I was able to finally use the Harbor Freight Blind Bearing Puller to remove the wheel bearings. No need to take it to the shop! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before… anyways..

So I got the bearing out, lubed and cleaned it all up, and then I couldn’t get it back in. I ended up damaging one of the inner races on the bearings thinking that I could pound it in with an old bearing. My mistake! Thankfully, Bob Jo Cycle Co happens to have a lot of the things that I need in stock. I bought a replacement bearing and got back to work.

After coming to my senses, I bought a 32mm socket to seat the bearing “properly” — I sure wasn’t about to spend another $50 on a “bearing seater” when I could just use that, especially since all the pros on YouTube do it that way!

Getting the bearings seated and getting the wheel back on made it all seem like a quick job. If I had those tools in the first place, I would have been in much better shape! Oh well, next time!

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    Hey Charlie, Hope you’re well! 🙂 I need to get my 92 NH up on jack stands too. What’s your recipe? Can’t see placement so well in the pic. Is there a good pivot point to allow work both front and rear? Thanks for the tail light upgrade tip, getting right on that one!

    • Heya Paul. Sorry about the cell phone blurry pics. You know how messy hands get while wrenching!!

      For the jack stands, I start with the kickstand down, of course, then I put the first jack stand holder under the frame tube right by the oil drain bolt. Then I lean it over on the kickstand side, and put it down on top of the jack stand.

      Then I do the same thing on the other end, at the other side.

      I imagine if you weighted the front wheel down, it would lift up the back end. But I use the Harbor Freight motorcycle wheel lift for back end work.

      I’m upgrading my headlight next.

      …and eventually fork seals, haha.

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