The Front Brake Rotor that Couldn’t

I’ve been plagued by this bent brake rotor since I’ve gotten this bike. At first it wasn’t that bad, but I’ve put on nearly 20,000 miles on my 250 Rebel, and it’s gotten worse. I’ve just been dealing with a brake wobble in the front, relying more on the rear brake than I generally would have otherwise, but I’d really like to fix it. I’m not sure if the bent rotor contributed in part to the problems I had with my brake caliper, but it’s possible.

In any case, I’ve been in on a quest to get this brake rotor fixed since it became a problem, but other issues have become a priority, and I never stopped fixing those other problems long enough to get this taken care of. Plus, buying a new rotor costs money, of course, and if I could get something that I needed more instead, like blinkers, then I’d take care of that. Such is how my journey with Honda Rebel repair has been going.

Removing seized bolts on a bent Rebel 250 brake rotor

One evening I decided to get the job done. After I got my paycheck I placed an order on eBay for a new rotor, because the stock one is insanely expensive, and I ordered new brake pads to replace the ones I was using.

I took the wheel off, My plans were to replace the brake caliper and rotor, and call it a night. It didn’t quite go that way, but I did what I could. My constantly nagging worry was that I would strip them out and not be able to do a thing about the rotor.

Removing the bolts holding the rotor on.

I had half of the bolts off, and the other three seemed to be stuck in place. I gave them all a heavy dose of anti-seize spray and let them settle overnight. One more came loose the next day, which was nice, but the other two decided to stay put. I gave them a couple more hours of my time and got another of them out. There was only one left, and it stripped as soon as I thought I’d gotten somewhere with it.

I wasn’t able to get it out like the other ones, it was stripped beyond repair, and after I slotted it with a dremel, it still wouldn’t come out, even with an impact driver.

I still haven’t gotten it fixed, but my new plan is to drill out the stuck bolt and replace it, eventually.

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