The Front Wheel Bearing Was Fixed

I just never posted about it — been too busy riding! I ended up getting those stuck bearings taken care of on the Honda Nighthawk, and just haven’t posted about it (till now). After heating the hub (instead of the wheel) I was able to finally use the Harbor Freight Blind Bearing Puller to remove…

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From the Daily Tribune, regarding the pothole lawsuit:

A Hazel Park man has filed a lawsuit against the cities of Royal Oak and Ferndale, claiming that they bear responsibility for potholes that caused a motorcycle crash that resulted in severe injuries.

So I’ve ridden on my fair share of roads, including ones riddled with potholes. In those instances, I’ve always slowed to a point where I can navigate the terrain. Royal Oak certainly doesn’t come to mind when I think of Michigan’s worst roads.

I don’t know. I just saw this news and thought that it was probably preventable on this man’s part. Michigan is moving to a state where all the roads are pothole-ridden, because they don’t want to spend more on infrastructure because it’s en vogue to cut taxes. Not everyone rides around in a Cadillac though.