Speedway MPG and Performance in Motorcycle

Speedway gas has been the absolute worst performing gasoline in my motorcycle. I can’t stand it. When I made my trip to Bristol, Indiana, I got a tank of Speedway gas on my way back, and that was a serious regret on such a hot day.

The weather was intensely hot and humid; I was sweating like a beast. On top of that, the Speedway gas made my bike run poorly. I was no longer able to accelerate as I normally would, and I could feel the engine lagging.

These performance issues don’t happen with other brands of gas, such as Citgo (my favorite), Shell, or BP. I don’t really count the off-brand and small brand gas stations when I’m speaking of performance, since I don’t have enough data on Fuelly to back anything up. There’s not enough of them for me to really get a good gauge on how it works.

The bottom line is that with Speedway MPG, filling up a motorcycle on it isn’t worth the extra 20ยข that you’ll save each tank.

I’m just glad it doesn’t cause engine knocking. Does Speedway put extra ethanol in their gas? I’m going to try and find out.

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