Riding Home in a Storm!

Honda Nighthawk Hazard LightsAt least I thought I was going to be – I’ve done it a few times, here and there, and usually I’m pretty prepared for it. So I stopped by Target and I got a couple LED battery operated glow stick/flashlights, and tied them to the sides of my bag, so I could have some hazard lights! you can’t really see the other side here, but somehow I was able to get it to blink just like hazard lights!

That’s something I really need to do, though, is wire in actual hazards. Searching Google really quick showed me that there’s definitely options.

I had ridden up to Naperville, where my office is, and back down to Urbana. For the most part, the bike was riding good, but after stopping for gas, it sputtered and stalled, similar to when I had that vacuum hose issue.

So now I’m grounded again, for a while, til I can figure out what’s going on. My first thought is fouled plugs, so that’s step one. Then I’ll get to cleaning the carburetor.

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