Honda Rebel Performance: Expressway Speeds


The 250 Rebel is more than capable of being driven on the expressway. I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so (take a look at the Honda Rebel Forums, or go ahead and read what this guy has to say about the Honda Rebel on the freeway.



I don’t have a helmet camera, nor have I rigged up a regular camera inside my helmet, like this guy in the video did, so I’m sharing someone else’s video on how the Honda Rebel performs on the highway.

My Failing Honda Rebel Exhaust System

When I bought my bike a couple years ago I had to replace my left exhaust pipe almost immediately. Both of the pipes were split in the headers, right about where the footpegs are, but even after replacement with a non-split pipe, it soon suffered the same fate. I’m not sure if it’s bad geometry…

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