100 Miles with Olympia Motorcycle Gloves: A Winter Glove Review

Winter Motorcycle Glove Shopping

I’ve been trying to find a good winter glove since I started riding. I’ve read a lot of motorcycle glove reviews, but a lot of them mention temperatures I haven’t had problems with. Riding in 40°F weather doesn’t bother me. It’s below freezing that I have problems.

I’m a huge Aerostich fanboy. I’ve put 5,000 more miles on the Aerostich Courier bag that I reviewed, and I trust their products and recommendations. Aerostich lists Olympia Gloves (4294 Aventador? I think?) but I wanted to do more research.

I spent some time on the Olympia Gloves site and finally decided on the Olympia 4102 WeatherKing Extra Touch.

The Riding Test

I’m picky about winter riding, but I do it more than most. It was 20°F, and the roads were clean and clear, and there was no precipitation predicted for the day. I put on my snowmobile suit, my electric vest and “chaps,” my helmet, and the Olympia WeatherKing gloves. I’m a commuter, so that’s how I used these gloves. I did not wear a liner.

The Fit

I bought small gloves, but there’s still too much room in the fingertips and the thumbs. I normally buy women’s gloves to alleviate the problem but that wasn’t an option here. There was plenty of flexibility though. This could have been better. Because of the fit, it’s really hard to use the touchscreen tips on the gloves.

The Wear

On many pairs of motorcycle gloves, a strap will be behind the mass of the hand, to keep the gloves in place. The only adjustable parts of these were on the gauntlet. After 10 minutes, the gloves creep down the hand again. Again, this could have been better.

The Experience

Normally I have 3 pairs of gloves on in this temperature, and I hate how bulky that is. It bothers me when I go to cancel the turn signal and I honk the horn instead.

These had none of that bulk, and were rather easy to use, even if the fingertips were too long by a small amount.

Overall Opinion

These gloves are probably the best thing I’ve ever done for winter riding, including using electrics under my gear. They would be better served by offering women’s sizing but the website says that’s forthcoming. I absolutely recommend them.
Olympia Winter Gloves

10 thoughts on “100 Miles with Olympia Motorcycle Gloves: A Winter Glove Review

  1. Charlie, thank you so much for giving our WeatherKing gloves a road test, and for the review. Your comments were great and very helpful, esp. your feedback about the closure. Sizing is a tough one … sorry the length didn’t work well for you. A women’s version is needed and on the boards. We were really shooting for warmth without bulk, so it was good to hear we met that mark. Your feedback will be passed along to our design team. ^rhonda for Olympia

    • Hi Rhonda, thanks for your comment.

      I love the gloves, and honestly that was the first time that I haven’t been worried about honking the horn while cancelling my blinker (a huge worry, believe it or not lol). I can honestly say I’ve never been happier with a glove, at any size, for any purpose. That’s including the fishnet fingerless ones I had during my goth phase in highschool 😉

      As far as sizing goes, they’re some of the best smalls I’ve used. I’m glad a women’s version is on the way – I wear “women’s” stuff whenever it fits better. As long as it’s not pink with butterflies, I could care less about what “gender” someone thinks something should be, lol. I also don’t have a typical hand size.

      Thanks for visiting though, and I’m bringing them with me to Michigan to give them the snowblower test! 😀

      • Devin

        I ride in the same kinds of weather. I just purchased a set after reading your review. One question, have you had to wear anything under them in weather below 30?

        • I haven’t tried wearing anything under them yet. With my heated chaps and vest, I haven’t needed to, but I’ve wanted to try heated handgrips.
          I know Olympia sells some glove liners, and I’d like to give those a shot. I didn’t get any winter riding in this past season.

          Let me know how it goes for you!

  2. Francisco

    Hey Charlie. How long til your fingers start getting numb and cold with these. I’m thinking about getting them. I can tolerate cold pretty well. I have the Alpinestar Apex Drystar Gloves and while I like ve them, as soon as it’s bellow 40 I need liners and then bellow 35 I gotta put hand warmers inside.

    In my research this is the only glove I’ve heard anybody talking about 20* F weather so that’s why I’m interested for my 3-5 hrs getaways during these cold NY winter days.

    • With 3-5 hours I’d look into getting heated glove liners. After an hour I was fine. None of my other gloves have even come close to this, I’ve had to add liners, layers (I love throwing my Aerostich rain covers over everything). At the very end of the trip, I felt some cold coming through on the outside pinky seam and that was it. Not WOW THIS IS COLD but more like I was just able to tell that it was cold outside. My hands were my warmest part that didn’t have electrics involved.

      Currently my road is slush and I’m not interested in seeing what the shiny side down is like. My goal is to get the bike out next week, but it’s been in the single digits and under the past couple weeks and I’m currently dealing with (most likely) a battery issue. That said, single digits and rural area means I’ve been doing a lot of shoveling. These have become my main winter gloves. They make shoveling not so horrible, lol.

      Do you have grip warmers? I’m looking into adding the ones that velcro on, and I’m not sure about it yet.

      • Thanks for the info.

        I do have the grip warmers that velcro on. Didn’t like them and took them off. Prob gonna try to sell them on eBay. Too bulky for me and they get so damn hot you have to turn them on and off all the time. I’m really trying to avoid heated gear. The only extremities that get cold are my fingers so I’ve been looking for better gloves plus hand guards for my 1200 Custom to block some wind.

        • Just an update, I’ve been riding around in 10-20 degree weather for 1-1.5 hours at a time and while my hands get cold like that, they certainly haven’t gotten numb.

  3. Grateful to have read these comments.
    I purchased a MEDIUM size, as usual on all my gloves, but had to return it as the finger tips are way too big for me. I am now waiting for my SMALL size to arrive and test it.

    I hear that 30F and above it is a great glove, so this is what made me purchase these. I have spend a large amount of money in WRONG gloves, and believe or not, even added a heated grip from OXFORD PREMIUM (excellent product) but really! it did not help, as it will only warm the palm of your hands, and the issue is FINGER TIPS, so I would not buy a heated grip again.

    Now I am excited to trying these gloves on 30 degree weather and will definitely put my review after that.
    Cheers to all and thank you for all the info.

    • What other gear are you using with regards to heated stuff? That’s what made the biggest difference for me in below freezing weather. I want to re-do my review so that way I can give a lot more details (but I need to replace my front wheel). I’d like to do an hour or two ride at each of 40F, 30F, 20F, 0F maybe? We’ll see.

      I haven’t gotten heated grips yet but that’s good to know.

      And I want to get the liners that Olympia sells and see what kind of difference it makes.

      Thanks for your input!

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