41000 miles on honda nighthawk michigan travelI’m starting to miss the warmer weather. While it’s true that I’m an all-season rider, and I don’t enjoy the Nighthawk when it feels like it’s burning my legs, I still miss the warm weather.

This moment happened in Mid-August in an trip between Chicago and Flint, MI. This particular stop was near Saugatuck, if I remember right. The weather was incredibly hot, to where I removed my jacket, in a rare occurrence of not wanting to keep sweating so much. Riding on the expressway involves less maneuvering than riding in the city, anyway. It wasn’t a safety-oriented decision, but still one I made.

What I like most about riding in nice weather is just how easy it is. There’s an element of challenge when riding in the rain or in the cold, and I’m about to face those again. I’ve been asked many times why I don’t just drive a car when it would be easier. The challenge is what makes it all worth it, especially in storms and wind and the snow.

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