Motorcycle ride along the western coast of Michigan

So I ride to Flint to see my family quite often, and I go the usual route: I-94 to I-69. It’s kinda boring, I’m not gonna lie.

So for Memorial Day weekend, I took off some extra time, and decided to do a fun ride, courtesy of my friend’s suggestion (he has property in Michigan). While he’s not on his farm in Sandwich, IL, he likes to go boring and do some scenic driving in the west coast of Michigan.

His suggestion was to take US-31 north to Ludington and then hit up M-22, ending at the Point Betsie lighthouse. What a great idea!

The ride took much longer than Google Maps indicated, of course, because I stopped to enjoy things, stopped to look at my Michigan (paper) map, and of course, gas stops are more frequent with a bike.

I had absolutely NO mechanical issues, either!

So here’s some pictures and a time lapse video of the ride, along with a map. I feel like I should have taken as many pictures as this person, but that would have required more stopping!

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