A Loud Front End Whine on the Motorcycle

On the way to work this morning my Nighthawk decided to start giving me this loud whine coming from what I guess is the front wheel.

It did it on the way back, too.

front wheelThe loud whine starts at maybe 45 mph and stays till I’m going really slow. I thought maybe it was the brakes (since I’m missing that spring) but then it should stop when I apply the brakes and it would have been noisy the last two days.

But when I was almost home I had a scary moment. It felt like something had gotten between the wheel and the fender. I heard something with the plastic. So I pulled over to investigate and of course I found nothing.

I tried to get going again but this time the headlight wouldn’t turn on. It wasn’t the fuse and I’m not sure what else it might be since the light came on again after I punished the bike enough. Not sure. I’ll need to figure that one out.

On top of everything else, the speedometer light burned out.

I have an insane amount of repairs to do before tomorrow’s ride. I’m getting up very early to try and address them.

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2 thoughts on “A Loud Front End Whine on the Motorcycle

  1. ProDigit

    Lift up the front end (insert a car jack under the bike at the point of the oil drain plug or more forward, make sure the bike can’t fall sideways) and check to see if the front wheel has free play in any direction.
    Check for dragging brakes, and noise coming from the bearings.
    Squirt some chain grease on the bearings. Chain grease sometimes can be a life saver!
    (Ultimately, you will want to put wax or thick grease on the front wheel bearings..).

    you may have a short somewhere, resulting in dash and front headlight failure..

    Good luck in the repairs!

    • We tried that last night – I used my swingarm lift on the forks (worked alright with my roommate giving a hand). There is some drag in different places around the wheel, it didn’t stay in the same spot either, so I’m guessing it’s possibly the bearing.

      The exhaust pipes keep me from being able to use a car jack to lift the bike entirely in how you describe. The frame tubes are exposed in a way that I can jack it up and put jack stands underneath though.

      I didn’t think of the chain grease, I’ll add that to my morning shopping list.

      The brakes should be fine, they were just replaced. There’s a light “hush” sound from them but that’s nothing new, I haven’t seen brakes be silent ever. The sound might be from some rattle noise but I doubt it. I would have had something going on the two days prior if that was it.

      The day before an event though! I’m just floored by my streak of luck, lol.

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