Learn to Ride a Motorcycle from the Best!

Leona is riding her Honda Cub

It’s time to learn how to ride! And why not? Motorcycling is a fun activity, and can be relatively inexpensive compared to many other hobbies and activities, especially if you learn to repair a bike yourself.

As I eventually plan on being a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach, I’m a bit biased in recommending their training, but it’s a solid program that can get you to keep a bike upright and not kill yourself on the motorcycle trying to get it home from the dealership or garage.

The MSF Basic RiderCourse is designed as a 15-hour curriculum that takes place over a few days or consecutive weekends. However, some locations listed here add additional modules of instruction/discussion that lengthen the class.

Here’s a list of motorcycle riding classes in Illinois, where you can learn how to ride a motorcycle in the evenings over the course of a week or over a weekend. via Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Being a recent transplant to Chicagoland I’m not completely familiar with the price structure of what MSF organizations offer. So I clicked on the first location listed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and found this:

The Northern Illinois University Motorcycle Safety Project offers FREE motorcycle rider education courses at 11 locations throughout Northern Illinois.

Well if there’s a free class available, you should get on it! I know that in Michigan the MSF classes cost $25, which is a lot less than most training companies or motorcycle dealerships, which run into the hundreds of dollars. You don’t even need your own motorcycle for the Basic Rider Course. You’ll be able to ride a small bike like the Honda Rebel. One that’s in better condition than mine, even!

More than anything, these classes fill up fast, so make sure you sign up today!

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