I dropped my bike.

It’s said that every biker either has dropped their bike or will drop their bike.

For some reason I thought I was exempt from this. Silly me.

20150802_184225I was coming home from camping with a friend in Bristol, IN, and it happened. I was stopped at a light and decided to hike up my sagging pants. I’ve done this before, no big deal. It was ridiculously hot outside, though, and I wasn’t in my best shape.

Then, all of a sudden, it just got really heavy on the left side. Heavier than I thought it could have been. I’ve picked the bike up before, when I had to work on the bottom of it. I was struggling to pick it up, and then another biker quickly stopped his Harley and helped me finish the job.

I looked at the ground in dismay as I picked up my side mirror from the pavement. I wasn’t panicky or anything, but it still wasn’t a good feeling. This wasn’t a “first” that I wanted to have.

A quick go-over with my bike and I was able to determine that nothing else had broken. The Harley rider and his companion stayed with me for a couple miles to make sure everything was alright. I love bikers.

2 thoughts on “I dropped my bike.

  1. Daniel Ortiz

    Twice for me. Once while working on it in an apartment parking lot. I’d seen racers push their bikes around while walking beside them, so we used to try this to reposition it. Turns out you should never let it lean away from you. Only cosmetic damage except for a bent brake lever, which I promptly snapped while trying to bend it back.

    Second the I had a brain fart and upon arriving home from a commute, leaned it to the left onto the side stand that was still up. No damage that time.

    • Yeah when it leans away it’s a bad deal. Last night I was trying to move it around a bit and it leaned away for a second, and I nearly dropped it. I was holding onto the strap that goes across the seat thankfully.

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