I bought too small of a chain, now my sprockets suffer

I don’t have the stock setup on my 250 Rebel – I use the 30-tooth rear sprocket instead of the stock 33 tooth for better highway performance. When I bought the bike, that’s the setup it had, actually. I would have changed it if it didn’t have it. On the Honda Rebel Forums there’s a lot of talk about the change from the stock 33 tooth sprocket to the 30 tooth, and it’s nearly a unanimous decision to make the swap. I’ll admit, though, that all this talk about 250 Rebel gear ratios kind of spins my head a bit.

Honda Rebel rear tire and sprocket

So I’ve gone only about 5,000 miles on this chain and sprocket, though I could be mistaken. In any case, I need to replace the set of them, and my chain adjusters haven’t hardly moved since I installed them. The most likely cause is that the chain that I installed was too short. I got the 106 link instead of the 108 link, which is the stock size, because the sprocket is 3 teeth short, so I figured it’d be the right size. While I was able to fit the chain on, with a great deal of effort, it may have actually been a link too short.

I’ve got a new chain and sprocket set on order now, though.

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