How to Get a Better Headlight on your Honda Rebel

One of the first things I knew I had to change on the Honda Rebel was the headlight. I rode to Cleveland and back a couple weeks after I got my bike, at night, raining both ways. I would have loved to see better! As it turns out, many people want to put a better or bigger headlight on the Honda Rebel.

The stock headlight on the Honda Rebel is very dim. It is a 35 watt sealed beam headlight. The stock Rebel headlight is a sealed-beam headlight. It is pretty small, as you can see. Basically if it burns out you have to replace the encasement with the lamp and everything. I switched mine to an H4. Huge difference! Honestly, it was as if I went from holding a flashlight on the road to actually being able to see at night. If you haven’t done this mod on your Rebel, you’re missing out.

There’s a few different ways to replace the Honda Rebel’s headlight.

  1. Buy one from a local shop and (maybe) have them install it.
  2. Get the headlight on Jack’s Rebel Warehouse – and install it yourself.
  3. Get creative with it – here’s an example of another Rebel with a caddy-style rectangular headlight. (plus instructions)
  4. Take a risk on eBay! Basically anything with a bottom bracket you can mount.


Also, if your headlight sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn’t, or your headlight flickers, check your fuse, and if your fuse is seated correctly (and new), then you need to check your wiring. You can get a cheap circuit tester at Harbor Freight if you want to give it a shot with minimal investment.

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