Grip glue failed me, so did duct tape.

My Nighthawk’s grips are slipping the hot sun. I previously thought I had fixed the issue when i wrapped the handlebars in duct tape.

I’m stopping at the Michigan/ Indiana state line to get some caffeine in me, so I thought I’d try to fix the problem, at least on one side.


My solution is to add more duct tape! We’ll see if it works.

slipping handlebar grips

Here’s where I’m pulling the grip off of the handlebar. It’s a sticky goopy mess.

wrapping more duct tape on the handle

I wrapped a bunch more duct tape onto the handlebar, hoping for a better fit. I might end up with the same result, though, just worse.

The grip is back on , with a notice bulge...we'll see how this turns out.

The grip is back on , with a notice bulge…we’ll see how this turns out.

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