Getting ready for a trip around the Great Lakes (and then some)

I’ve been wanting to go on a long motorcycle trip all summer but since my bike has been down for repairs for the past month, it’s been gnawing at me. So the solution is to get set and go! My first step was making use of the MotoCamping subreddit, and also googling for all of the information I could find (I’ve got a huge subfolder in my bookmarks dedicated to the trip). The bike is finally sturdy enough for me to trust it to go 4,000 miles, since practically everything is new on it, and I’ve set a date, so I can’t back down now!

I’ve bought a tank bag and a USB charger for my bike since I want to have as much packing space as possible. I got a BikeMaster Dual USB port charger on the bike now, right underneath the speedometer, mounted on the handlebars. It wasn’t the easiest thing getting it there, but it’s definitely a convenient spot, and it’s not using up any other handlebar space (not that I have much available) and it’s not looking tacky either.

The tank bag probably would be cooler if it was the magnetic kind but I’m going to just deal with the straps. Filling the gas tank is where it’s going to be annoying, I think.

Map-of-TripThe tentative trip is basically from Flint to Chicago, to Minneapolis, then Duluth, Thunder Bay and around Lake Superior, down to Sault Ste Marie, which brings me close Tahquamenon Falls (I can’t help but go since it’s so beautiful!) and head back out around, down to Toronto, and then go around Lake Ontario to get to Niagara Falls, then Cleveland (maybe?) to Pittsburgh (maybe?) and then head back home. I have no idea how long it’ll take. Probably two to three weeks. It’ll be a great deal chillier when I get back, for sure.


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