Getting it home, and seeing about fixing the issue

Front view of Honda Rebel in trailer
side view of Honda Rebel in the trailer
The bike is ratcheted down tight, and the oil is leaking again.

After the morning arrived, it was mostly just a sad state of putting my tail between my legs and having Shelley trailer the bike home. Even with over 500 miles done before leaving as a shakedown, there was no reason to believe that I’d come across any problems. Like, if something was going to fall off, it’d have more than enough opportunity to do so in 500 miles.

But that doesn’t change the situation that I was facing. The only thing to do at that point was just to pay the exorbitant hotel bill ($145 when he said that it would be $122 total the night before wasn’t my favorite surprise…still more than I’d ever willingly pay for a hotel room). The shower I had when I got in there though was fantastic. I just was so frustrated and sweaty, nasty and dirty by the time I got upstairs, that it made me a totally new person.

Surprisingly enough, the bike went in the trailer and we strapped it down in a much easier manner than I had anticipated. A trail of oil followed, and then a puddle developed underneath it, which would lead to some intensive cleaning later, when it was time to return the trailer.


Finding out what the problem was didn’t prove too difficult. Apparently “Honda Rebel left side oil leak” is a popular search! So, poking around on the Honda Rebel forums, I was left to conclude that I blew the crankcase oil seal. Apparently it’s an easy fix – pop off the left side cover, then remove the flywheel, take out the old seal, and put in the new one.

It would be easy on any other bike. This one feels attention deprived.


I’ll find a way to make my trip. I always find a way through the problems with my bike. I’m just not sure how many more warm clothes I can pack with me. My original trip is probably too long to be next to Lake Superior in the fall, at this point, since we’re two weeks out from my original departure date.


If I can get my problems fixed, it won’t be an issue to leave expediently, as I left everything packed up and ready to go.

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