Fork Oil For 1991-2003 Honda CB750 Nighthawk

You probably know, like I know, that fork oil comes in many different weights, just like engine oil (and others). So when I looked in the manual to see what kind of fork oil the Nighthawk was supposed to have, I was disappointed.

Recommended Fork Oil? Fork Fluid

1991 Honda Nighthawk Front Suspension Information (including recommended fork oil) straight from the manual

I was confounded so I went to the local Honda bike shop and asked the person behind the counter. They said 10w is standard.

Honda brand was what was in stock, so I got that. It was only about $6, so it’s not going to drain me dry. I don’t know if there’s brand differences or if it doesn’t really matter; I’m sure folks can swear up and down either way, though. The full name is Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-8 10w Fork Oil. Here’s a picture:

Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-8 10w Fork Oil

I don’t think I had this problem when I did the forks on the Honda Rebel. I think I used 10w for the Rebel, too. I don’t remember though.

Regardless, I still have to do the fork oil and seals. That comes after the headlight. I’m on the fence about adding fork boots to the Nighthawk.

On the forum, one of the members added fork gaiters to his Nighthawk and I think it goes pretty good with the red color (according to my frame and the scratches on my bike, it was originally this red, too).

See the original post here: Fork boots

Fork Boots Fork Gaiters on the 1991 Honda Nighthawk CB750 from Hondatwins site

Looking over that bike, I’m further convinced of getting the crash bars for my own, as well as the centerstand.

2 thoughts on “Fork Oil For 1991-2003 Honda CB750 Nighthawk

  1. The manual call for SS-7 in the section “Lubrication and Seal Points”. SS-7 is a 5w Oil. I am about to put that Oil weight on my forks. I hope it works.

    • I wonder how much of a difference between the ss-7 and the ss-8 would have. 5W and 10W seems like a big difference, but maybe it won’t be much, who knows! I still haven’t gotten around to doing it lol.

      I just looked on cyclepedia to see what they recommended and it said “Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-8, 472 cc”

      The first picture I put on there is straight from the manual but I went back and found where it said SS-7 (Section 1-20 in the service manual). Maybe that’s where you got it?

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