Fork Adapter for the Harbor Freight Swingarm Bike Lift?

Motorcycle swingarm rear lift and stand by Harbor FreightOne thing I’ve really been meaning to get around to is calling up Harbor Freight and finding out how I can get ahold of that front fork adapter for their swingarm lift.

I found the manual for the swingarm bike lift online and looked through it and the most important part was this:

Parts manifest for the harbor freight swingarm lift

at the bottom, it says “Call Customer Service for availability – ask for SKU number 65621”


Perhaps I should call! I’ve been waiting this long! Once I get it, I’ll put up a video on lifting the bike that way, too. I’m trying to think of why I’d want to lift from the fork, and the only thing I can think of is to just get the wheel off of the ground.

Now I should note that the quality of this isn’t the best, but it’s enough to mostly trust my bike on it. During a windstorm, I should have taken my bike off of the lift but I thought it would have been fine. Also, the rubber has completely come off of the supports.

Here’s how I lift my bike with the Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift:

And in case it disappears from the website, here’s the manual for the lift in entirety:

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