Fixing the Oil Leak Step 2 – Putting the flywheel back on

I had an oil leak, and then found what I needed to do to fix it, finally got the flywheel off, and now I’m trying to put the new one back on. You’d think after all of the hard work it was to get the stupid flywheel off, that it’d be easy sailing from here, but not with my bike, of course not!

The problem with what I was doing, was that when I was trying to pull the flywheel, I used a 3-jaw puller, which put the bolt from the puller inside the crankshaft’s flywheel-bolt hole (if that makes sense). Anyway, I figured that the flywheel puller wasn’t small enough to damage the threads in there, but apparently I was wrong. What makes me so mad about this is that it was a completely preventable problem, caused by my own impatience and stupidity! (and I thought I had gotten better with the patience thing)

My New Problem

So of course, the new problem, the one that I caused for myself due to my impatient attitude, is that the bolt doesn’t go in the hole in the middle, pictured above. So I decided to go to Home Depot and pick up a tap, which would help get the threads to behave in there. I get there, look around, and find a tap that’s almost the right size, but almost doesn’t count! So I go get a bolt of the same size that I need, and my plan is to make myself a tap from it.

What Actually Happened

I brought the bolt into the garage, and started buzzing the sides off with (my favorite thing in the world) a cutting wheel. This one’s on a Dremel though, so it’s easier to work with. I figured I’d taper the end, then cut off half of the threads for a quarter inch each, and then maybe cut some chunks out of it.

I tried putting it in, and would catch a tiny bit. I’d get excited and throw a wrench on it, just to have it spin a bit more. It wouldn’t stay “caught.” I have no idea the extent of the damage in there, and no way to find out.

Hopefully the tap will work (tomorrow?) and I can get back on my bike before I have to put on 5 pairs of pants, instead of just 2 or 3.

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