I finally got it (a week ago) – the Rebel’s flywheel is off!

The Honda Rebel Flywheel right before it came off

I had honestly got so sick of everything involved with the repairs that I’ve put off writing this post for a while, because, hey, it’s done! But that’s just a small part of what needs done, anyways. This has certainly been a journey. After using a bunch of tools meant for the job (several flywheel pullers and the 3 jaw puller), I finally got it off. About a week ago I started pulling the flywheel, first using conventional means, then  and two later, I decited to stop playing around and I started using a die grinder with a cutting wheel.

First I cut a notch out of the flywheel’s bowl, then I had to widen it. That made it so I could get to the hub, around the crankshaft. I ended up collecting a bunch of the metal shavings, and they were acting a little weird when they were bunched up on the magnet. The sparks were staying lit longer than usual, so that was a little interesting.

I used a claw hammer and a mini sledge to drive a chisel into a hole that I created with the cutter, and kept hitting it. I stuck the chisel everywhere it looked like it would fit, and then some.

When it came off

Putting the Chisel into the Flywheel

I finally thought that I saw some movement while hitting the flywheel with the sledgehammer, so after getting my frustration out on it a little, I shoved the chisel in between the flywheel and the crankcase and gaveit a huge hit. I didn’t even know how to feel.

It was as if a huge weight had just been lifted off of my shoulders, but the feeling lasted for only the smallest of moments, because I then saw the kind of damage my crankshaft had taken. There was a chunk missing from it, from where I cut into it. I thought I had been careful enough to not cut into it, but apparently what I was using as a visual guide was the wrong part. At this point, I got Shelley involved, and she told me that it should be fine, and since she’s been working with engines her entire adult life, I figure if she gives it the go-ahead then I should be fine.

Either way, between the random pounding everywhere I could hit it, and the chisel, and cutting with the die grinder, I got the thing off. Pictures of all the sparks and fun stuff are on their own post.


Now what?

Now that the flywheel is off, it’s time to put the new one back on.

The problem is that with the new flywheel that I got from a forum member, it doesn’t have that back piece that I thought it would. I’m not risking another bikebandit order when I’m this close to finishing it (I placed my order for parts 16 days ago and still haven’t gotten them, hopefully today!! But I’ll have to see if I can use the part from my flywheel for that or not. Probably not. So, I ordered another one on ebay. I guess I’ll have two flywheels! The new flywheel I got from the forum member is from a newer model, but the one I got on ebay is from the 1985 Honda Rebel. I’m more likely to see a part fit from an 85 than from the newer kind, though I’m pretty sure the flywheel is the right size.

4 thoughts on “I finally got it (a week ago) – the Rebel’s flywheel is off!

  1. Sean Whifnant

    OUCH. Poor crankshaft. I’ve had the same problem but never resorted to destroying the flywheel to remove it. It’s on the shaft so tightly because it is pressed on very firmly by the factory before the bolt is threaded in and torqued, and 30 years of surface corrosion doesn’t help much, either. What did I use to remove it? Grainger sells good quality Ridgid strap wrenches for the oh-so-reasonable price of $80(!!!). That and no less than 12 feet of pipe on the end of a socket wrench and an unofficial Honda flywheel pulling tool (bolt) got the job done.

    • It looked as though there was some previous owner mischief involved with it, also, but I had no idea there was 80 dollar strap wrenches lol. There was some missing parts on the flywheel when I first looked at it. I’m thinking the super strap wrench idea would have been a good one though! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Eduardo

    Man, sprry fpr the time, but I am having the same fucking(sorry) problem whit the flywheel of my honda rebel 450, I broke thow extractor bolt, I put it some hot also and nothing, what can I do? Please
    Sorry for my English

    • Hi Eduardo! I hope you’ve gotten somewhere with it by now, but if not, I’d check out http://www.hondarebelforum.com/ and post about your problem. I didn’t really repair my flywheel the right way. Heat and pressure. Wedging something between the flywheel and the body of the rebel might make it easier. Or there’s flywheel pullers you can rent from autozone. Good luck! Did you get it?

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