Everyone loves pictures: Shots from removing the Rebel’s flywheel

I was going to add these to the last post that I did about cutting the flywheel off, but then I figured that was getting pretty long and they’d probably work out better if I just put them on their own post. This video in particular was mostly me just goofing off, though it’s pretty neat how the sparks were staying lit a lot longer when they were on the magnet.


I still haven’t gotten to the point of fixing the oil seal (which is the cause of all this fuss in the first place) because I’ve been waiting on parts. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to go through the local shops for most of my parts at this point, because it takes less time, or just as much time, as Bike Bandit. I don’t see any good reason for having to wait so long on these parts. But that’s mostly just me complaining.

All of this is a grand exercise in patience. At least I’m going to keep telling myself that till my parts come in. Then maybe, hopefully, I can be on the road at the end of the week! Will I be able to do a small trip? Possibly! But that will require me to put 300 shakedown miles on the bike before I go any substantial distance. And I wouldn’t plan on being gone for very long, either.

I also did a better video, where I was actually capturing the cutting of the flywheel. It was a lot harder to hold the camera and cut the flywheel at the same time than I initially thought it would be. You can see me trying to overcorrect the pull of the cutting wheel in the first part, especially.

Getting all the pictures and video was pretty fun, actually. And I was surprised that while the sparks didn’t hurt, the constant pounding on my pant legs got to where it was sore after a while. I was doing this for hours on end, giving the air compressor breaks when necessary, and hoping that the neighbors didn’t notice the loud rumbling of the air compressor.

Either way, I’m glad it’s off at this point, and since you’re probably wondering where the pictures are, I’ll put them right below, here!


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