I’m not holding my breath too much on this but because of the Nighthawk’s wheel issue I’m going to try and get it fixed before the workday starts.

I’m going to hope that it’s one of the less-extensive possibilities, and not the wheel bearing.

I’ve been reading about wheel bearings and other motorcycle related stuff since about 5:30am and I’ve put together a list of what I need in order to do pretty much all of this. It should keep me busy till the local bike shops open and I can call and ask about the bearings in stock.

One of the more helpful articles I’ve read is about diagnosing a wheel wobble. I think a lot of problems I can rule out because it wasn’t giving me issues the two days before, after I got the bike started again.

By the time this is published, one of the local auto parts stores should be open (or should I wait the extra hour for Harbor Freight? I can get away with cheapies on some of these) so I’m going to stop by and get these things to help:

  • Jack stands — I can’t just put a jack under the Nighthawk to lift it, the exhaust pipes go under the frame. The fork lifts that I’ve seen for bikes look nice but I think I can just rent these from the store.
  • White lithium grease — yeah, I don’t have any. My understanding is that I should use this to lube up the speedo cable housing.
  • Cable grease — Apparently they make stuff just for cables. I’ll try to lube the whole thing.
  • Wheel bearing removal kit? From my understanding it takes a lot less time with one than just using a drift. If I can rent it…
  • WD-40 — because I don’t have any and need to get some. Apparently I should be able to diagnose whether it’s the speedo cable by just using some of this and grease that up later properly.


2 thoughts on “Early morning shopping for the wheel

  1. ProDigit

    I’ve had rear wheel ball bearings break on my chinese bike before, releasing the metal balls, due to overtightening the chain . It was impossible on that one to find new bearings, as the company didn’t stock parts.
    The Nighthawk is a Honda bike. You could find parts on ebay for it, if you’re lucky, bearings as well. If not, the honda dealership can import them for you.

    Sometimes its cheaper to buy a secondhand front wheel axle set, with bearings and all from ebay, than buying a stock bearing from Honda itself.

    • I got the new bearings this morning. I ended up needing to work instead of wrench today though. I missed the Indian Motorcycles ride but I’m still going to the Motorcycle Show.

      The rear bearings on the Rebel had to be replaced at one point, if I remember right. If you just have the measurements of the bearing you can generally find a replacement, I believe.

      I could have bought ebay/online bearings for it but I would have had to wait a few days to get it, meaning not this weekend, lol.

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