The Durango Herald 07/23/2014 | Taking a chance on motorcycle safety

The Durango Herald reported about motorcycle accidents and helmet usage. While I wear my helmet every time I ride, as do my passengers, I’m conflicted about helmet laws. Helmets are absolutely the best way to protect against fatal injury in an accident (along with defensive driving and having good riding skills) but it seems to me that if I’m doing a quick check on the bike and I want to go a half mile up the road and back again then I shouldn’t be punished for that.

Motorcycle fatalities aren’t primarily the curse of the young. In fact, riders in their 50s were killed in greater numbers than any other age group. About two-thirds of motorcycle deaths occurred in riders age 40 and older, according to Department of Transportation data.

via The Durango Herald 07/23/2014 | Taking a chance on motorcycle safety.

Regardless, it’s alarming to me to see that the majority of motorcycle riders don’t wear a helmet even though the consequences of such can be dire.

I’ve been hit by debris while riding on many occasions. It’s hit my face shield on my helmet, it’s hit the sides of my helmet, as well as my legs and hands. Bugs flying at 70+ mph hurt, so does rain.

To me, helmets just make sense. I hope they make sense to you, too.


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