Is CyclePedia worth it? So far so good.

Cyclepedia Entry for Right Handlebar Switches on a 1991 Honda Nighthawk CB750.

CyclePedia Entry for Right Handlebar Switches

So I bought a CyclePedia manual for the CB750 in frustration with my wiring problems, regarding the headlight not working.

So far, I’ve taken this thing apart and I’ve found more issues than I anticipated. I really wish that I had better skills with this.

Today I’m planning on hopefully wrapping this repair up. We’ll see, though. It’s such a daunting task. The Nighthawk has been garaged all summer, and I haven’t ridden since I broke down in Chicago a few months ago.

2 thoughts on “Is CyclePedia worth it? So far so good.

  1. Erran Andrews

    Hi Charlie. Erran here. I came across this in search of Where the fuse box is. Lol

    I hour your luck has changed. I love my bike and it’s been good so far. Until the headlamp issue. I hope it gets better and not become daunting, lol.

    Erran Andrews

    • Hey Erran, the fuse box is under the plastic panel on the battery side, behind the battery. Just remove the seat, pop off the side panel, and there’s a black box that says “Fuse” in it.

      Your headlight isn’t working either?

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