Cutting Wheel Safety – Do’s and Don’t’s when Working on a Motorcycle

Getting started - oh the sparks

Repairing a motorcycle can get extremely tedious when the part that was supposed to come off doesn’t. I learned that the hard (and long) way when I removed the flywheel from my Honda Rebel using a cutting wheel. So with my use and abuse of the cutting wheel, I feel as though I can share a few safety tips regarding this tool.

  1. No open gas containers. That includes the gas tank on the bike. I didn’t remove my gas tank, but I made sure that everything was covered up and there wouldn’t be any gas exposed to sparks.
  2. Eye protection. I fell short on this and ended up rushing to the sink several times to wash out my eyes. I thought my glasses would be good enough. The coating of metal shavings over my face begged to differ.
  3. Ear protection. My ears rang afterwards even with ear plugs meant for a gun range (so they’re rated for the really loud stuff!). I accidentally forgot them once and I felt like my eardrums had been assaulted.
  4. Know your limits. Every hour or so I gave the air compressor and myself a break, to keep from overheating either. It’s hard work!

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