Cleaning My Motorcycle Helmet

Bike Bandit just did a great how-to on getting a motorcycle helmet squeaky clean.

I could have really used a deep clean before, when I dirtied my helmet in the worst way possible. I cleaned it really good after that, using just dish soap and a sponge, but apparently that wasn’t the right way. There’s no funk from it, for sure. I couldn’t keep riding in it if there was. At one point while cleaning though I kept wondering if it was all worth it, though.

Motorcycle helmet with bandanaThe one thing I’m already doing right:

  • Wearing a bandana every time – sweat will soak into the helmet liner and ruin it.

Now all the things that I should fix:

  • Using a mild soap to clean the liner
  • Using a squeegee at the gas station to clean the face shield (though it’s been the best thing I’ve used so far)
  • Use some automotive wax and polish to get it back in shape
  • Deep cleaning it (never done that before)
  • Removing the pinlock shield and cleaning both that and the regular shield.


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