Chicago International Motorcycle Show

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride there (plus, it snowed, of course) but my trip to the Chicago International Motorcycle Show was pretty neat. I feel like I should have spent a couple of days there.

One of my goals was to find some adventure bikes that I was comfortable on, and I’ll write about those in the future. Most adventure bikes have seat heights over 32″ and there’s NO WAY that I could ever get on one of those bikes comfortably. I found a couple with 31″ and one with 30.5″ seat heights and I’m plenty happy about seeing those.

I also spent some time on Harley-Davidson’s Livewire motorcycle. That’s the electric bike that they came out with. My main concern is the inability to use the side mirrors while on the bike. The lady there said that overall, that was the number one complaint people had with it. Regardless, I’d love to test ride one on the streets!

I bought the T-Shirt that they were selling of the main event; I’ll tie-dye it or something later (I don’t like white shirts) and I also bought a new wallet. This wallet is the slimmest I’ve ever slipped into the back pocket of my jeans, so you can expect a write-up about that, also.

I figured I’d throw up some pics I’ve taken so far while waiting for the stunt show to start. I’m glad there’s coffee here!

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