Don’t get me wrong, I love my Olympia Weatherking Gloves, but I feel that my review was made without enough consideration of the gear I was wearing. Without the proper gear or heat, even at 40°F, my hands got quite chilly and I could feel the wind through the seams in my fingers.

Olympia Winter Gloves

From the Daily Tribune, regarding the pothole lawsuit:

A Hazel Park man has filed a lawsuit against the cities of Royal Oak and Ferndale, claiming that they bear responsibility for potholes that caused a motorcycle crash that resulted in severe injuries.

So I’ve ridden on my fair share of roads, including ones riddled with potholes. In those instances, I’ve always slowed to a point where I can navigate the terrain. Royal Oak certainly doesn’t come to mind when I think of Michigan’s worst roads.

I don’t know. I just saw this news and thought that it was probably preventable on this man’s part. Michigan is moving to a state where all the roads are pothole-ridden, because they don’t want to spend more on infrastructure because it’s en vogue to cut taxes. Not everyone rides around in a Cadillac though.

BikeBanditCom Is Not Mobile FriendlyIf you’re using an iPhone, Android, or other smartphone and don’t often use a computer, you’re not alone. Most people are going to browse for things on their phone; I know I’ve got Amazon’s app open more often than I should.

Having a mobile-ready site is important, especially today with so many mobile users. Google has a pretty cool resource to see how mobile-friendly a website is. I have some work to do myself.

I’ve tried to order parts on using my phone and I’ve only ever been frustrated to the point of quitting.

When will BikeBandit get their act together and get a mobile friendly site? It’s the way people need sites now. How much business do they lose because of this?