Cleaning My Motorcycle Helmet

Bike Bandit just did a great how-to on getting a motorcycle helmet squeaky clean. I could have really used a deep clean before, when I dirtied my helmet in the worst way possible. I cleaned it really good after that, using just dish soap and a sponge, but apparently that wasn’t the right way. There’s no…

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It’s just something that will happen eventually, if you live in a more northern area. You’ll get snowed on. Or at least I did.

I ride in the snow, but not if there’s ice on the roads (or a lot of salt), so my bike has seen its share of the cold weather. Being gone for a couple of days, and having forgotten to cover the bike, I missed out on one of the most intense snows that Illinois has had in November.

Of course I brushed off the bike, cleaned off the snow, and got it covered up again. The parking area is still covered in ice but with a little bit of sun hopefully I can get it on the road this Saturday and burn off some of that nasty ice!

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