There’s so many options for batteries and I’m thinking my stupid battery might be beyond help.

I haven’t been home yet tonight but I’m hoping it starts when I put the battery back on when I get home. It might just be time to throw in the towel on this battery though. While the fine print is still readable, it’s if unknown origin and unknown age.

So of course I’m looking at reviews, I’m going to stop by the local shop on the way home, too.

I’m seeing that AGM is the way to go if weight isn’t an issue (9 lbs doesn’t bother me).

Regardless I wish I could find more options on Amazon lol. The cheaper one won’t fit the bike.


battery options for the Honda Nighthawk



After letting it sit on the tender for just over 5 hours, I tried to start the bike up. This is what happened. I’m really hoping that my bike’s battery troubles are nearing the end.

The battery will sit on the tender overnight to see what happens in the morning. I really want to ride in on Tuesday!