Here’s why I haven’t been riding as much – Music is taking over!

The past couple of years have been great. My move to Illinois has featured a lot of things, other than my procrastination of fixing my bike. When I was still living in Michigan, I was able to hang out with friends and wrench with them and keep riding. Such things take time, though, and I’ve…

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has to rain for some reason

A lot of this has been going on too. I needed to make repairs and all it wanted to do was rain.

I’ve been taking pictures and taking notes and just not updating here. I’ll be backdating things where they should be, though. Not much happened over the winter, I was dealing with a bunch of stuff. I’m excited to get my bike back into top shape, though. My to-do list is long!

  • Fork oil and seals (they’re really leaky now)
  • Rear bearings
  • Chain guard (if I feel like it)
  • Replace the front tire
  • Exhaust leak?