Bikes on the Bricks – All the Shiny Harleys, All Lined Up!

Bikes on the Bricks here in Flint, Michigan was actually pretty nice. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time there; it was mostly a Harley show. I saw a few bikes with a respectable amount of dirt on them, though a lot of them didn’t look like they spent much time outside of the garage, unfortunately.

Batman Rat Bike

What became a “I wonder how many rat bikes are there” trip with a friend turned into more of a “let’s find some dirt on a bike” treasure hunt. There was supposedly a Rat Bike portion of the bike show (that we didn’t see), which is why I thought I’d see some rat bikes there, but that was disappointing (a lot of people say bobbers are rat bikes, but bobbers actually have aesthetic work put into them and aren’t duct taped together). There was, however, one impressive “how is that legal to ride” rat bike there.  This Batman-plus-a-million things rat bike had so much on it that despite our best efforts we were only able to discern that it was part Honda at least. We didn’t see the owner around anywhere so we couldn’t really ask about the bike, unfortunately. There were a lot of “fixes” that I wasn’t sure whether they were for “let me stick that here” reasons or if there were legitimate reasons for the cans, bottles, and what-sits strapped onto the bike. I suppose if my bike was considered a rat bike then I’d be a minimalist when it comes to things.

However, the bike not only had some duct tape on it, there was an entire roll of the stuff on the bike. I can’t say that I go too far without a roll of electrical tape (I find it much more useful than duct tape) but I do happen to have duct tape on several parts of my bike!

The rest of the Bikes on the Bricks thing was mostly just shop after shop – selling patches, leather, accessories, and lots and lots of food. We’d just had lunch so we didn’t get to taste any sort of Biker Barbecue, but we got a good look at some interesting things. The best part of it was a guy who was selling his road trip books and maps. If I would have had cash on me I’d have gotten a copy!

While my main interest with my bike is to decrease the shiny chrome and increase the matte black features of my bike, there were a few motorcycles that impressed me. There was one with an incredible blue and green scale-like paint job on a gallon-or-so sized tank that was definitely an artist’s work. I didn’t get a picture of that one, but here are the other pictures I took:

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    thank you for liking my bike. it the red an black one

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