Getting Home Safely in Windy, Rainy, Gusty Horrible Weather

june 30 warning about severe weatherOn 6/30/14 I rode in some of the worst weather I’ve ever encountered. It’s normally a 45 minute commute from work to home, even with a lot of traffic.

My options were limited by my stubbornness, of course, and where many people would have just called someone to pick them up, and left the motorcycle at work, I felt as though I’ve had enough experience in bad weather to be able to tackle this one.

After spending some time on the expressway, I quickly realized that I should take to the long way home, when gusts were blowing waves of water across the road. I would hydroplane (scary on two wheels!) and be pushed out of the lane and onto the shoulder a few times.

While on the regular roadways, I was able to drive at a much safer (for this weather) 25-30 mph. Going slow is fine, because it helps with getting there safely. I’d rather spend an extra hour or two driving safer than end up trying to speed my way home and crash.

While I was on my trip home, I made a short video with three tips to help someone get home safely while driving a motorcycle in horrible weather.

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