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Riding Home in a Storm!

At least I thought I was going to be – I’ve done it a few times, here and there, and usually I’m pretty prepared for it. So I stopped by Target and I got a couple LED battery operated glow stick/flashlights, and tied them to the sides of my bag, so I could have some…

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Here’s why I haven’t been riding as much – Music is taking over!

The past couple of years have been great. My move to Illinois has featured a lot of things, other than my procrastination of fixing my bike. When I was still living in Michigan, I was able to hang out with friends and wrench with them and keep riding. Such things take time, though, and I’ve…

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Is CyclePedia worth it? So far so good.

So I bought a CyclePedia manual for the CB750 in frustration with my wiring problems, regarding the headlight not working. So far, I’ve taken this thing apart and I’ve found more issues than I anticipated. I really wish that I had better skills with this. Today I’m planning on hopefully wrapping this repair up. We’ll…

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