Another Biker Fail: Puking on the Motorcycle

Please, I urge you to allow yourself to indulge in some schadenfreude while I tell you what happened not even an hour ago.

I puked while riding. It was disgusting. I feel as though I’ve completed some ritual now that further inducts me into this cult of motorcycle ownership. Jokes aside, I do take full responsibility.

I am prescribed daily medication to keep my stomach from eating through itself with its own acid and is been that way for a decade at least. I’m bad at meds and haven’t taken anything in a month or so and my negligence has caught up with me.

I had a very delicious and very spicy lunch earlier. At about 9:30pm, I was merging onto I-94 and felt as though I couldn’t breathe. Not something you want at 60mph. I loosened my helmet strap while I was coughing and choking and suddenly my stomach gave way. I won’t go into detail but it took 15 minutes of scrubbing my beard clean and another 15 to get the smell outta my helmet. My Aerostich jacket, pants, and bike were pretty much unscathed.

Cleaning the helmet

I need to start taking better care of myself and this was definitely a wake up call. The coughing and choking part I’ve experienced a few times on the bike. It’s never fun, but now I’ll be more vigilant about my stomach medication.

While cleaning my helmet I found dirt that had probably been there for years, and several internal pieces that were cracked or broken. Nothing about the head protection parts to worry about, just where the breath box comes on, but I’d like to take it apart and clean more now.

Regardless, I sure can say I’m more experienced now, haha.

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