My Motorcycle Friends

Shelley and Leona when we rode to Hell, Michigan

I’ve got a couple of really fantastic motorcycle friends who help me when I get stuck with bike stuff, or are kind enough to let me use their garage space for the cost of beer. 😉

What We Do

We end up doing things like keeping each other company while we’re wrenching on our bikes, going for rides together (getting lunch in the thumb, or getting a beer in Hell, Michigan are both common enough rides), or going to lunch at the Hollywood Diner in Flint.

Or maybe we’re secretly the tip of the iceburg of a biker gang that you should be afraid of. If you believe that one, there’s a bridge in Mackinaw that I’d like to sell you, for the right price, of course!

Between us, we have Harley Davidsons, Hondas (lots of Hondas…), Yamaha bikes, Suzukis, and Kawasakis. Leona has quite the collection of vintage animals in her garage, too.

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