I’m almost at 100 tanks of gas! My Honda Nighthawk MPG

the honda nighthawk mpg stats on fuelly prove that it's got better gas mileage than a toyota prius and it's more fun, tooSince I use Fuelly to keep track of all of my fill-ups (and remind me when to change my oil), I’ve been able to prove that I maintain nearly 50mpg. I have a version of their widget in my sidebar and it currently says 46.5 mpg. They show averages for different vehicles, so if you’re interested in seeing what the Honda Nighthawk mpg is, then click!

Some of my lowest mpg with the Honda Nighthawk have been because of mechanical issues, especially when there was that vacuum hose leak that kept me from going over 55 mph on the highway.

Supposedly there’s a few ways to further increase the gas mileage on my motorcycle – changing out oils, or gearings, or trying better gasoline. I know that with my fill-ups, I’ve had the best gas mileage with Citgo, and the absolute worst with Speedway. I haven’t put Speedway gas in my bike in a long time, for that reason.

My best gas mileage for the CB750 Honda Nighthawk was 60mpg, which is the average of my former bike, the Honda Rebel.

The Honda Rebel MPG for Comparison

The gas mileage I’m getting out of this motorcycle is dangerously close to that of my Honda Rebel mpg, which averaged out to 60mpg, but my gas mileage on the Rebel was lower than many averages listed on Fuelly. The gas mileage for the Honda CMX250C Rebel is also listed on Fuelly.

Of course, this is all from self-reports, and who knows how many people round up their miles, or how many people don’t fill up their tanks to the same level as the last fill-up.

I know when I start shopping for my next car, I’ll be looking through the listings on Fuelly to see how good I can do for what I need.

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